Roma, Per Sempre


Galleria Borghese

La Città Eternal | The Eternal City

Rome has a visceral, infinite feeling.

It is the distinct feeling of a place known by the soul, perhaps from a past life. It is the rich legacy of thousands of years of human creativity left out in the open for all to see, taste, smell, and feel. 

There is a depth of presence in the air.  Rome has persisted through all possible extremes, with every square inch of the city outlasting something both beautiful and terrible. 

It is a place that allows us to appreciate how small we are in the blip of time we are alive, giving hope that whatever we are currently battling will also pass. 

I love to let my imagination run wild and create stories around an open pair of shutters on an ancient building or a beautiful fountain in a small neighborhood piazza. How many dreams have taken flight here, and how many endings have come to pass? 

Is it ever really the end? Have we been here before? 

Rome is forever alluring, monumental, and alive. Per sempre.