What is Rue Zeppelin?

Welcome to my spot! Rue Zeppelin is an online shop and blog.  

My name is Lauren, and I am making and selling what I love, while also celebrating brands that get me excited here on the blog. I landed here after years of working for small female-led fashion and design businesses, who ultimately inspired me to follow my own creative dreams.

Why Rue?

Rue, or street in French, is my nod to the romance of travel.

I am chasing feelings as much as destinations, really. 

It's the feeling you get when you fall in love with a new city (or even the one you already live in). It's the excitement of exploring a destination that you have always dreamed of, and the fun of accessorizing for the journey. It's how you remember the places that touch your heart with what you bring home, or how you honor the places that have changed you with a totally new outlook on life.

Why Zeppelin?

Zeppelin is the little dog you see here on my lap, bringing the cute and fun since January 2021!

I am seriously excited to travel with you and grateful for your visit to my little corner of the web.