Evil Eye Talismans

RZ's Favorite Evil Eye TalismansIf you are anything like me, it's fair to say that you have experienced a few things in life that you just did NOT see coming. The invisible storm, the "off" energy, the times when you just didn't know what you didn't know (or what no-one told you).

The truth is that no matter what happens to us, no matter how awful or unfair it may be, we can only control our response and the manner in which we choose to move forward. I do not think we are alone in our experiences though. I wholeheartedly believe in ancient and mysterious boosts of protection from the traditions of our spiritual ancestors.

Enter, talismans. Specifically, the evil eye.

Wearing an evil eye talisman is your personal rebellion against heartbreak, malice, and any other bad energy that you sense. These feelings are often not your energies to hold, and the evil eye assists in sending them right back to their origin. Read more about the vibrant history and tradition here

On to what you see pictured above! I cannot stop collecting evil eye necklaces and I even make a few myself. These are my current favorites.

At the top of the photo is the Denim Lapis Talisman Necklace. This is a Rue Zeppelin design where I discreetly placed the evil eye on the back where it is sometimes needed most! The Lapis is a great layering neutral, but there are also rainbow and emerald versions available here.

Now to my current obsession: the 14" All Eyes on Me Choker from Sunday Forever. I fell in love with the evil eyes hand painted on pearls (!!!) with Sunday Forever's signature red silk thread. It's fun, on trend, and feels like heaven. Head to their website immediately to purchase one or start building your own custom bracelets and necklaces with many beads to choose from!

Next you see a piece by Greek designer Lito Fine Jewelry, via Ylang23. It is quite special, as it is engraved on the back with tu es partout, meaning you are everywhere in French. A Russian iconographer hand paints each eye and they are extremely life-like.

The smaller enamel evil eye charm in a 14k starburst is a piece from Louison Rare + Fine Jewelry, a treasure trove of vintage, antique, and fine jewelry. The chain is the small 15" link from Jennifer Fisher.

No matter what you are going through, life is short - wear your evil eye talismans!

Pictured on a Notebook by Hotel Magique